House and Apartment Cleaning


*Please Schedule Your Cleaning Today by calling 704-593-6790 or filling out the form and providing details below*

Peace of mind starts at home! So Let us help turn your house into a home by providing special care and precision cleaning!!  Upon the first visit, your house is cleaned top-to-bottom using our Pioneer Checklist. This is the most lengthy (and costly) visit, bringing your home up to our standard of “clean”. After your first cleaning, we will be pleased to return on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or occasional basis. In order to keep your home looking their best, we also offer loyal clients reduced rates for more frequent visits. Please complete and submit the form below so we can get you a quick and accurate estimate.

Homes larger than 5 bedrooms or 5,000 square feet, please call us directly and we will be happy to set you up on a custom package.We encourage our clients to contact us for all requests and special packages. 

*Please Schedule Your Cleaning Today by filling out form and providing details below*